Online slots and jackpots

Whatever players say about wanting to have a good time at the casino, and fighting the mind during the game, the absolute majority attracts the opportunity to win, get a lot of money by investing a little. It's unlikely there will be a player who would not dream of putting 100 rubles, get a thousand, or better - a million. Here for these players there are games with progressive jackpots.

Originally, the term "jackpot" refers to poker where there was a rule that betting in the pot increased if none of the players collected at least a pair of jacks (jack in jack, pot-pot, together-jackpot). Now the word "jackpot" is often added the word "progressive" and denotes the accumulation of the prize in the game, until certain conditions are met for winning this jackpot. The creation of a jackpot is a certain percentage of the rates of all players, usually this share is small - tenths of a percent, but the probability of collecting a jackpot is very small, not less than 1 to 10,000, and maybe 1 to several millions, as a result, very good Amount of money. The typical amount of the jackpot exceeds the rate of thousands or more. If we are talking about online, the jackpots usually are not collected in one casino, but in all casinos from one software vendor, which increases the jackpots in dozens of times.

The most common variant of jackpots is jackpots in slots. For the rarest combination, instead of a high fixed win, a jackpot is set. If we are talking about classic slots, then the jackpot is usually paid only for winning on the last of the lines. In video slots, the possibilities are wider - somewhere it is enough to collect symbols on any of the lines, somewhere on the contrary, we must additionally win in a special game. Now games with random jackpots are also becoming popular. The jackpot is given out randomly to the player during the game. The amount of the jackpot usually starts somewhere from a thousand bets, but there are slots, where from a hundred thousand. There are not very large jackpots ($ 1- $ 30 thousand), which are broken almost weekly, but there are also "monsters" who spend months and give out a mountain up to several million. The names of slots with such jackpots are usually appropriate - "Major Million" (slot and video slot in the Microgaming casino, maximum winnings of about $ 1.8 million), "Gold Rally" (slot in the Playtech casino , The maximum winnings of about $ 2 million), "Rags to Riches" ("From the rummages to the rich", which corresponds to our "from dirt to the prince" - a slot in the casino of Cryptologica, the maximum winnings of about $ 0.5 million), "Millionaires Club "(" Club of millionaires ") in the casino of Cryptologic," Mega Fortune "(Mega Fortune) from NetEnt. It is "Mega Fortune" who owns the current record for the size of the online jackpot. Record unlimited 18 million euros ripped the lucky Finn back in 2013. There were big wins in other slots before and after that. So by May 15, 2007 the sum of the jackpot "Club of millionaires" almost reached the eight million mark! The lucky player was the player InterCasino under the nickname "Obaesso" - an elderly factory worker who plans to travel a little bit around the world for money (he did not leave his native city for more than 50 km before). True, the player did not receive all the accumulated sum, his winnings amounted to only "modest" $ 5.9 million, another $ 2 million remained in the game, but there was no need to wait for many months - the jackpot was repeatedly ripped off in a couple of weeks, and Took it in a pound casino, so the winnings amounted to £ 2 million or about $ 4 million. So here's an online casino filled up the club of millionaires for a couple of people. Recently, the big winnings are given by the jackpot "Mega Moolah" (it can be translated as "Mega-babki", soft Microgaming), at the moment this slot belongs to the second largest online jackpot - $ 18 million (it was also taken by the Finn) That sooner or later this slot will beat the current record.

As you can see, in principle, the jackpots cope with their task and allow individual players to receive big wins, but does this mean that it's worth chasing jackpots? Most often - no. Unfortunately, using the popularity of slots with jackpots, casinos often set a lower interest rate on them. As a result, the risk of losing disproportionately increases. On the other hand, in one of the articles on Online Casino I already wrote that, in principle, games with jackpots can have a positive expectation for the player (MO). Unfortunately, for MO video slots it's not easy to calculate, so you just have to hope that the jackpot is already big enough to be worth chasing after. In this case, you can enter the game, although you do not need to rely heavily on winning, the probability of getting a jackpot with its growth does not increase.

Some players may be worried - but can a casino pay such a large amount of money if it breaks the jackpot? Of course, if we are talking about a small casino with an unknown software, which promises a jackpot of hundreds of thousands of dollars - I doubt that there this jackpot in general, you can break. But in the casino from the well-known manufacturers of software can not be doubted. There the deductions to the jackpot are made by the software manufacturer himself, he also pays the winnings, that is, the funds are created in advance and there are no problems with payments. If you are hoping to get rich on a jackpot - play well-known casinos from major software vendors and good luck to you (by the way, the luckiest Russian broke more than $ 1 million in the Playtech casino at a rate of $ 5)! If you are interested in the value of jackpots in a casino with different software, I recommend you go to the page of the site "Best Bonuses", there are all the jackpots in the casino from the six leading software vendors (a lot of jackpots from different casinos slows down the loading of the page, you'll have to wait a little).

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