I-Slots (interactive slots) - a kind of video slots

Video slots are popular all over the world - good graphics and sound, rich possibilities for changing rates, a variety of winning combinations, a lot of different bonus games, all this speaks in favor of this type of machine. But the industry does not stand still, companies are trying to further develop their slot machines, offering players new opportunities. One of such novelties (a novelty at the time of writing this article in 2008, at the moment such machines did not develop much) were i-slots (where i stands for "interactive"). This is the next stage in the development of video slots, offering players even more opportunities, even more fun with the game. It can not be said that this is a very principled type of game, but I hope players will like it. I-slots usually offer pretty video screensavers (drawn on a flash) that precede the game stages, which also adds points.

Currently in the online casino there are two main types of i-slots. At the heart of them is a usual video slot with standard features - "wild", bonus, "scattered" symbols. In the first type of i-slots, the difference from ordinary slots is in the bonus game. In video slots, bonus games are a "guessing game" - you choose one by one a series of "containers" and collect points until you come across a "losing container". In interactive slots, these are games where the winnings will depend, in part, on your skills. For example, in the game "Hole in Won", where you need to play golf, you set the direction and strength of the blow and must score the ball for fewer strokes, bypassing obstacles on the field. The smaller the blows, the greater the gain. In another game, you have to fly in space and shoot down asteroids, every asteroid missed because of your slowness will cost you money. I will not say that these games are complex and the size of the winnings is limited, but still more interesting than guessing boxes.

Another type of i-slots unfolds a whole story in front of the player. Take, for example, the game "Bank Heist". The first round is the "Plan", again the usual video slot, in order to finish it you need to collect three "scattered" symbols of the machine, after which there will be a bonus game. There are two options for ending the bonus game - you find the key and get into the bank or the alarm goes off and you need to run. The second round "In the bank" or "Escape" begins. In each of these rounds, we again play a video slot, but with different symbols, another payout table, with additional "features" of "catch-up". In this case, there are two kinds of scattered symbols. If the symbols of the policeman come, then on a special scale the policeman moves to you. If the safe symbol comes (in another variant - your car), then you move forward. Did you escape from the chase? Did you manage to crack the safe? Again a simple bonus game and receiving additional winnings. Third round - "Dynamite" offers another version of the video slot. When you reach the end of the game (successfully wind down with money or catch you), then it all starts again, and you get several free spins.

A few words about my personal feelings. The concept of interactive slots is very nice to me. In one game you will get pleasant emotions for a few games. To play it becomes more interesting - you wait, than you will be pleased with the next round. In addition, in practice it turned out that some of the i-slots have a very good percentage of payments. Personally, my preference is the "Bank Heist" mentioned above. I played in it bonuses, played for a long time and even after the results remained in a small plus. Huge money in it you will not win, but everything is dynamic, prizes and bonus rounds are quite frequent, you do not have to wait long, idly spinning the drums.

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