AWP (Amusement with Prizes) - a new kind of gaming machines

AWP (Amusement with Prizes) - a new kind of gaming machinesAWP automatic machines (Amusement with Prizes - entertainment with prizes) came from the UK, where, with the development of electronics, they came to replace the "classic" British fruit machines. Let me remind you that fruit machines (usually three reels, one line) give players randomly additional options for managing the game, usually these are two "features":

  • push one of the drums (nudge), while the drum moves one character down. There are options when you can not use the available boosts, but save them for the next round, get repeated boosts in the next round or risk and increase / decrease the number of pushovers.
  • hold any number of reels (hold) - only the unrestrained ones will rotate in the next spin.

AWP gaming machines add one more opportunity - a prize game. The basis is usually the same gaming machine on one line with randomly given possibilities of pushing and holding the drums. But on top of some of the symbols on the reels there is indicated either a certain number (from 1 to 5), or some symbol - all this is small in size so as not to cover the main character. These symbols are intended to initiate a bonus game. If these numbers, then it is necessary that the sum of at least 7-8 points is accumulated on the line, if the symbols are three symbols in the field of visibility (that is, not necessarily on the line, but on any of the nine characters that are visible on the screen). After this, the bonus game begins, then the options may also be different. One option is the Hi / Low game, where the player is given a number (sometimes several) from 1 to 12 and the player must guess whether the next dropped number is greater (Hi) or less (Low). Guessed - go up one step in the table of prizes, no - the bonus game is over. At any time, you can stop by collecting a bonus. It is clear that the higher, the steeper the bonus. In some cases, the player can choose the type of bonus (money, pushing, some kind of bonus "chip"). In another variant of the bonus game, the player is shown a playing field with some squares, each having his own game type. You press the "Spin" button, the number drops out, and you move from the initial field to the dropped number of cells. There you will be "picking", on the field start blinking different winning options and you have to choose a win by pressing the "Stop" button. If you are satisfied with the prize - you can take it by clicking the "Collect" button, otherwise you can continue the game by pressing the "Spin" button. As a win, you can get money, free spins, some kind of bonus feature. In this kind of game you can also lose if you go to the "mysterious" sector, marked by the question mark, where among the options the most likely result is a loss.

In AWP and in bonus games and less often - in the main game you can win one of the bonus "features", among them such as:

  • Shifta (Spin a Win) - gives a randomly winning combination in the slot,
  • Boost - adds points,
  • Stoppa fruit (Cash Blaster, Reel Roulette, Pick a Win) - the winning combinations begin to blink in the slot, you stop the blinking and the selected combination drops out,
  • Win Series - launches a series of winning combinations,
  • Exclusive game bonus - usually called the same as the game, and gives the maximum winnings.

In general, I highly recommend reading the rules and description of bonuses, even after an hour of playing in different AWPs, I'm a little confused in all these bonus features.

Another type of automatic AWP has another principle of operation. In the main game the same classic slot, but if you collect three identical symbols on the line, you will not get a cash win, and you will get the appropriate number of bonus spins. And these spins will not be in the main slot, but in the bonus slot. The bonus slot usually has its own symbols, its payout table and five lines. In contrast to the classic slot, where the winnings are very rare, this bonus slot gives a win almost every spin.

Currently, Microgaming is the leader in AWP gaming machines, and several games are presented in the casino of Cryptologic. And finally, a little personal opinion. I do not know what percentage of payments are installed in AWP machines in the Microgaming casino, but I doubt that it is high. In one of the games I could not win anything at all for 50 spins (although this was my first experience and I did not fully use all the possibilities of the game). In my opinion, AWP with bonus games are quite interesting, if these games are not very rare. Unfortunately, in many games to wait for the bonus game is not easy, the winnings in the main slot are very rare. In general, this is a game with fairly rare winnings, and even worse - the hopes for a big win are minimal. In addition, as far as I understand, AWP games do not have to be random. I myself saw this in one of the Hi / Low games, I won there only a couple of times, while the starting number was not 6-8, but 3, 4, 11. Nevertheless, I recommend you try to play for the purpose of reading. I have a good impression left the game Apocalypses Cow (try the game), there bonus rounds are often given, in the payoff results are decent;). Look, and maybe you'll find a nice AWP gaming machine.